breaking leather boots is so painful

you have to walk around with 6 pair of socks like a dumbass and sit there blow drying your shoes


got my new leather ankle boots

got my new skinny jeans

getting my haircut tomorrow, dyeing my hair black that night

i bought skin tight skinny black jeans from asos

and they fit me so well my legs look BANGING

i asked for a 12 inch at subway and she gave me a 6 and i was too shy to tell her she made a mistake

6 in. is too small


pussy layered like lasagna 


pussy layered like lasagna 

we’re supposed to get the video for west coast this week

and ultraviolence june 2nd


im done and im sleep



100/800 words done

go me

times like this i wish i had a personal so i could say mean things about people posting the ugliest selfies

that video of bianca making a dress on stage was everything to me until i re-watched it and realized she faked it and then i was sad

You threaten to unfollow everyone like once a month

i do it every minute in my head, don’t worry.

girl bye

i’m obsessed with robyn’s Do It Again

blade queen liss is badass